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Get equipment you need without spending your valuable working capital.

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By far the most effective way to finance your new or used piece of equipment.

Purchasing equipment is similar to hiring an employee. While you wouldn’t pay their entire salary on their first day, paying for a piece of equipment out of pocket just doesn’t add up. Allow that equipment to work for your business, generate revenue, and pay for it monthly. This creates instant profitability.

Maximum Loan Amount Up to $500K
Loan Term Up to 84 months
Interest Rates Start at 5.75%
Speed Get your new equipment within 2 days

What you get

  • Finance up to $150,000 in Equipment with just a 1-Page Application and Equipment Quote
  • Finance Up to $500,000 in Equipment with Financials
  • Finance rates as low at 5.75%
  • Flexible payback periods of 24-84 months

What you need to qualify

  • We can work with A, B, & C Credit
  • One-Page Application
  • Equipment Quote From your Vendor(s)
  • New and Used Equipment OK


  • Several Tax Benefits May Apply
  • Easy, Hassle-Free Approval Process
  • Funding Process Takes as little as 2 Business Days after Approval
  • Preserve Cash and Instantly Cash Flow.

Repayment options

  • 24-84 month options
  • Flexible Financing Options – Operating Lease, Capital Lease, Equipment Finance Agreement, Skip Payments, Deferral Payments, Seasonal Payments
  • No need for a large downpayment

What types of business equipment can be financed?

Equipment is not limited to yellow iron or heavy machinery like printing presses and backhoes. In fact, anything that is essential use to your business can be financed.

From a paint booth for an auto body shop to the sign on the front of a building, we’ve seen it and provided financing for it.

Here are some of the things our clients typically finance:
  • Forklifts, workbenches, and conveyor belts
  • Point-of-sale payment processing software and hardware
  • Commercial ovens, grills, deep fryers, freezers, food processors, and more
  • Office furniture and fixtures – everything from cubicles and desk sets to rugs and lighting
  • Software, including operating systems, CRMs, accounting programs, and more
  • Appliances like telephones, refrigerators, coffee makers, and more
  • Food trucks, delivery vehicles, company cars, and trailers
  • Solar panels and HVAC units
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How do we match up?

BBF vs Other Solutions

Better Business Funding logo.Bank LoanBank Line of Credit
$0 Down PaymentXX
Easy to QualifyX
No Additional CollateralX
Flexible Payment OptionsX
Finance Almost ANY equipmentX
Used Equipment FinanceableXX
Fixed Cost of CapitalXX
No Covenants RequiredX
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Nick Alvarez was awesome. Very personable and easy to talk with. He walked us through the process. Gave us many options to choose from and explained each option very well. He was great with keeping on top of the process with us as we pondered all the options before we made a decision. Everything was done with such ease. We knew from the beginning exactly what information would be needed from us to get approval. I would definitely recommend BBF and (especially Nick) to anyone that is needing funding. Thank you for taking such good care of us.

Tony Nolan, Lincoln NE